Mojo Training (introduction)

Everyone is more than welcome to use our websites and services. It really doesn't matter what level you're running is at... but if you truly want to experience what it means to be a competent runner, you've got some serious long-term work to do.

While you train your body out there puffing and panting, we'll show you how to summon, activate and then train your Mojo.


Practice makes Perfect

Runner is a lifestyle which we are perfectly suited to. You'll see it's not a hobby. We all start off at the same level and we all have the same lessons in self-discipline, self-reliance and self-dependability to master. You will master them, with practise.

Get the right gear

Only the ego needs spangly expensive gear to take up something new.  Mojo doesn't care what you look like.  If you're just starting your running journey the only gear you need is some clothing and a pair of shoes. As you progress you'll want to upgrade. It's pointless splashing out at first.

Progress to push your limits

Each run gives us the opportunity to summon mojo. Progressing towards competent runner needs you to recognise your physical & mental limits then work at surpassing them.  Our Mojo can only be trained when your brain thinks you can't go any further; then you do.

Connect with others traveling the same journey

The people around us may not comprehend the changes and self-development we undergo. The running world knows no borders, no differences or boundaries.  We can help connect you to a network of runners all busy creating their running betterment.

Joining our r-evolution is easy and will create a more positive programme to live life by. To succeed it, we have to put our-self first. Summoning mojo takes absolute constant efforts from YOU.