We started all of this on facebook and learned the hard way about peacekeeping.
In essence, our friendly guidelines have been in place since time began ensuring no-one is to be made uncomfortable, isolated or alienated.  We are part of the brilliant running world and we are to set an example to all.

left behind" allows for the creation of the 100% #MutualSupport required by our teams.



1. No Negativity

The most important condition of all - to create positivity takes endless effort - negativity however spreads like wildfire with very little effort. Our spaces are designed to create our community in a way where only awesome can be created. If you have a gripe the admin team is waiting to sort it


2. No Perverse behaviour

For everyone's safety sake we operate and a name and shame and a permanent removal policy.  We treat every member with the same respect as we expect you show each other.  Please do not hassle anyone either on the pages, in the real world or in private messages.


3. No Solicitation of money from our members

Members asking for money does not make for a good environment.  It also laves the members wide open for unethical and dishonest behaviour.  We'd much rather avoid the possibility than deal with the outcome. 
Charity Giving Pages are more than welcome but private fundraisers asking for private payments are strictly forbidden.

4. Mutual Tolerance of one another

Everyone is welcome into our group spaces and onto our teams. We value and celebrate personal achievement over how much money or position someone has in their normal lives. Everyone starts at the bottom and has a chance to rise through the ranks regardless of colour, creed or wealth. No-one is any better than anyone else

5. Uphold the Justrunlyss  & your Team Core Values at all times

All members who sign into and are accepted into our circle and teams are expected to conduct themselves in a manner fit of being part of any team. The further we progress through the ranks, the more upholding is required.

6. Be Information Aware

Group spaces are open to members and our Public pages open to everyone.  Please be mindful that we're a running group and all posts should be kept relevant and for your own security and that of the others, do not sahre ANY sensitive information about you or your whereabouts to anyone. 
Tracked routes should not start in front of your house.

7. Create the foundations of mutually agreeable guidelines

We are a collective who come together in the creation of this groundbreaking army of runners.  There are no leaders just active participants and the guidelines we  stand by are there to make a comfortable welcoming environment where the 100% #MutualSupport is nurtured just by doing what we do.  If we recognise the need for more guidelines they will be discussed and implemented for the betterment of the running community we're forging together


When you're ready, move on to the next step.